Letras Latinas & Poetry Coalition's Because We Come from Everything: Poetry & Migration - "Las Sueñosomnias"


Phantom Drift, Vol 6 - "Rainbows & tornados & tippy-toed armadillos..."

Phantom Drift, Vol 6 - "Not the moon, but a cattle skull..."

Pilgrimage, Vol 13, Issue 3 - "The Woman with No Name Abides the Aubade"

Pilgrimage, Vol 13, Issue 3 - "The Woman with No Name Comes Upon a Desert Mirror"


Storyscape, Issue 15 - "Selections from Sierra Amnezia"

Manifest West Anthology, Vol. 4 (Western Press Books) - "I slug the whiskey spirits..."

Rattle, Issue 47 - "ankles splashed with sidewalk rain..." from Haiku in Concrete

Rattle, Issue 47 - "from winter hands..." from Haiku in Concrete


Luna Luna Magazine - "Moon Jar" + interview with Rosebud Ben-Oni

As/Us Journal - "Exile" + audio

As/Us Journal - "Glass Lullaby" + audio

As/Us Journal - "Sierra Amnezia"

Sonora Review, Issue 66 - "This man on his knees ain't praying..."

Sonora Review, Issue 66 - "Amnezia--the mighty guster..."


At Length  - Selections from "The Woman With No Name" 

The Golden Key, Issue 3 - "Rosaura and the Well"

Toe Good Poetry - "All at once vivid & blurred to hell..."

Previous Publications

Poets Weave (WFIU) - readings of "Orfeo's Nocturne", "Ode to a Black Glass Marble", and "Haiku for Don Belton" 

La Fovea - "outside the station..." from Haiku in Concrete

La Fovea - "turning, turning..." from Haiku in Concrete